2014 USASA Nationals Judges Nomination Announcement

Dear USASA Members,

Attached you will find an important announcement concerning the 2014 USASA Nationals Judges Election.  With this announcement you will find the actual Judges Nomination Form which you will need to put forward those judges you want the rest of the membership to elect for the various conformation events at the 2014 USASA Nationals.

You have to submit your nominations for receipt by March 16.  Post marked by March 16 will be too late!  Attorney Genevieve Birren will once again be processing the nominations and she is not permitted to accept nominations received after March 16.  So, if you plan to use regular mail for your nominations, leave plenty of time for delivery.  Alternatively, it is now possible to email your nominations.  You simply have to scan your completed and signed nomination form and then email it to the dedicated email address that has been specifically set up for the purpose.

You will find instructions on the form that define who is eligible for nomination, so be sure to follow the instructions carefully.  After nominations have been processed, the names proposed by you – assuming they are all eligible – plus those nominated by other members  – will appear on the final ballot which will be sent to you, the USASA membership, for a vote to select the judges you want to see at the 2014 USASA Nationals.

Again, all the information you need is in the announcement and nomination form, provided here in pdf format.

United States Australian Shepherd Association