Guidelines and Member Application

The USASA Member Club Program is intended to help USASA club members interested in forming a local specialty club. Member Club objectives should be to promote and support Australian Shepherds at the local level through educational events, health clinics, seminars, matches, etc. USASA’s Member Club Committee is a resource to all Member Clubs.

1. Member clubs may only apply for hosting USASA events within the member club’s designated AKC territory.

2. Member clubs must submit names of current officers with contact information annually. A club list of dues paying members must be made available upon request.

3. NINE months prior to event, request forms and start preparing show information.

4. Premium list information must be submitted to the appropriate person within the all-breed club’s required timeline.

a. Trophies offered/donated by club or individuals must be printed in the premium list and must be offered the day of the show with no new additions.
b. At the time application is submitted, the Show Chairperson must be designated and recorded.

5. SIX months before show date, member clubs must submit all completed information on AKC form(s) to Member Clubs Chairperson at

6. Member Clubs Chairperson will then send completed forms to USASA Member Clubs Liaison for USASA Board of Directors approval at next scheduled Board meeting. Upon approval by USASA Board of Directors, it will be sent back to Member Clubs Chairperson (signed by an officer) to be submitted to AKC Events system.

7. Member Clubs Chairperson will direct member club to contact USASA Treasurer to pay event fee and will cc USASA Treasurer.

8. Member Club to submit fees to USASA Treasurer immediately: Kelley Catterson,15309 N. Eastern Rd., Smithville, MO 64089.

If you have any questions, contact Regi Bryant , Chair USASA Member Club Committee

United States Australian Shepherd Association