USASA’s Judges Education Program provides educational material, seminars and other resources for those wishing to become judges of the Australian Shepherd as well as those provisional and approved judges who wish to refresh or expand their knowledge of the breed.

AKC Judges:

To access our extensive library of educational materials in the Judges Corral, please go to the following page (click on the link below):

Online Judges Section Application

Please create an account and then click on the  “USASA Member Information”  link on the left to get to the Judges Corral link. If you have any problems registering please contact the webmaster directly.

Judges Education Seminars

Attending USASA’s annual National Specialty is an important component of learning about our breed and how to properly judge the Australian Shepherd. USASA’s Judges Education department presents a comprehensive program during our National Specialty. We provide three days of ringside mentoring (we have over 40 approved mentors, many of whom attend); see our newly updated slide seminar, “The Australian Shepherd: The Breed Standard Illustrated,” and an in-depth hands-on workshop. We invite you to enjoy our hospitality at Purina Farms. This is an incredible opportunity to see many specimens (500 to 700 dogs) from all over the country.

Refer to the National Specialty section of Shows & Events for information on the upcoming National Specialty. There is a specific section for Judges Education which includes contact information and a sign-up form.

Many of USASA’s Member Clubs host USASA local specialties around the country. USASA often offers it’s Judge’s Education Breed Seminar at  local specialties as well as part of Judges Education Seminars offered by all breed clubs. Refer to the Shows & Events Calendar for information on USASA local specialties and upcoming Judges Education Events. Of course, check out the AKC website and Gazette for additional study group announcements.

USASA Approved Breed Mentors

Approved Breed Mentors provides a list of current USASA Board approved Mentors that prospective judges can contact for breed mentoring discussions or ringside mentoring. These Mentors have agreed to use approved USASA materials when mentoring or making a presentation and abide by the USASA Mentor/ Presenter Code of Conduct.

We recommend you consider spending time with more than one Mentor. Being individuals, each may or will have definite opinions of what constitutes the “perfect Aussie.” Relying on your own general knowledge of dogs, spending time with several approved Mentors and attending a USASA Breed Seminar will provide you will a well-rounded understanding of our breed.

Additional Resources

USASA Breed Standard

Contact Information

If you have any questions contact:

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