The purpose of the United States Australian Shepherd Foundation is to fund projects that further the welfare of the Australian Shepherd breed.

This Includes:
a. Support canine medical research
b. Promote education on the proper care, breeding and training of Australian Shepherds.
c. Foster and promote the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of displaced Australian Shepherds.
d. Provide college scholarships for approved Junior Handlers who exhibit Australian Shepherds.
e. Promote public knowledge of dogs in general.

Foundations Funds:

General Fund:
The General Fund covers administrative expenses including fundraising project costs, postage, National Specialty booth expenses, etc. to name a few. More important, this fund helps bridge any financial gaps needed to complete research funding, rescue emergencies, or breed education projects or programs. The General Fund is essential and we welcome donors to choose this fund.Your donation will always be used where it is needed most.

Health and Genetics Fund:
The purpose of this fund is to collect financial donations for the exclusive use in funding grants for genetic research and related health projects.

Breed Education Fund:
In accordance with its mission, the United States Australian Shepherd Foundation’s Breed Education Fund funds projects that will promote education on the proper care, breeding and training of Australian Shepherds. Funded projects include but are not limited to the promotion, dissemination or development of educational materials; Judges education programs, Breeder education programs and National Specialty educational activities. The USASF’s goal is to provide an education fund sufficiently broad to encompass a variety of grant requests.

Rescue Fund:
Each year hundreds of Aussies are abandoned, abused, left in pounds or turned in by owners directly to local rescue programs across the country. These volunteer-driven groups often need financial support due to extraordinary expenses from Natural Disasters or Puppy Mill closures. Anyone involved in a natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina or involved in evaluating large groups of dogs and puppies at a puppy mill closure, knows firsthand the significance of this financial support. It is the purpose the Rescue Fund to provide this financial assistance to recognized rescue organizations or individuals who may apply for a “Rescue Fund Grant”. Emergency Grants for Natural Disasters have a cap of $1000.00 and those for Puppy Mill closures have a cap of $500.00.

Junior Showmanship Scholarship Program:
The primary goal of the program is to promote and encourage juniors to participate in the sport of American kennel Club purebred dog events with Australian Shepherds, as well as to become active in the United States Australian Shepherd Association, and to promote a continuing interest and plans for future involvement with the Australian Shepherd breed.

United States Australian Shepherd Association