AKC National Championship Essay

USASA Juniors Program Award for AKC National Championship Invitational Qualifiers

Any junior who qualifies for the AKC National Championship Invitational in conformation or performance events has an opportunity to compete for a travel award, sponsored by the USASA Juniors Committee. The purpose of this small award is to help cover a portion of travel costs associated with attending, and recognize their achievements for the past year.

Juniors who qualify must submit an essay (max. 500 words) on an assigned topic to the juniors committee. The committee will read the essays and vote on the winners based on the quality of the written essay. Essay topics will change from year to year.

If a junior qualifies for both conformation and performance, he or she may only write an essay and apply to win for one event. Performance events are all-inclusive (agility, flyball, herding, obedience, rally) and cannot be applied for individually.

A qualifying junior may win only one travel award per year. Applicants must be a USASA Junior Member during the year which they qualified (free) in order to be eligible. All qualifying wins towards attending must have been made with an Australian Shepherd, and the junior must show an Australian Shepherd in their qualifying event at the Championship.

2018 ESSAY TOPIC: Reflecting on your involvement in AKC events, what impact has your experience and personal growth as a junior handler had on you as an individual? Consider your accomplishments, goals, and challenges, what you’ve learned, and how it has shaped you socially, academically, as a friend/family member, etc.

Essays Due:  NOVEMBER 15th

The essays will be judged on the following criteria:
• must include junior’s name, AKC junior’s number, and qualifying event (conformation or performance)
• focus on the assigned topic
• proper essay format (Introduction, Body, Conclusion)
• proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation
• clarity and precision
• 500 word limit

Please email your Essays to Ben Swanson at wbentons@umich.edu, or mail them to:
Ben Swanson
USASA Junior Committee Chair
2980 Hunley Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Please direct any questions to: wbentons@umich.edu

United States Australian Shepherd Association