The USASA Junior Committee would like to congratulate all our USASA Juniors on completing an amazing year in 2019! We are very proud of our juniors and all the success they achieved during the year.

Very best wishes to you all in 2020! For program updates, please follow our Facebook page: USASA Juniors

Questions about our program can be directed to Ben Swanson,

2019 Year End

Top Overall Junior: Alaina House

Top Senior: Alaina House
Senior Top 10: Erin Turman
Senior Top 10: Victoria Tarr
Senior Top 10: Hope Anzalone
Senior Top 10: Rylee Carlon
Senior Top 10: Sarah Strong
Senior Top 10: Mattie Lively
Senior Top 10: Skyler Williams
Senior Top 10: Madison Reeves
Senior Top 10: Nicole Mrzywka

Top Intermediate: Bailey Crader
Intermediate Top 10: Angel Mason-Warren
Intermediate Top 10: Nora Coddington
Intermediate Top 10: Samantha Stoeke
Intermediate Top 10: Kady Schneider
Intermediate Top 10: Alexandra Rivera
Intermediate Top 10: Burlynne Mejeris

Top Junior: Jayden Foster
Junior Top 10: Avery Clute
Junior Top 10: Ellie Cowley
Junior Top 10: Joshua Gravette

Special Awards

ProPlan Junior of the Year: Alaina House
Westminster Finalist: Victoria Tarr


Top Performance Junior: Burlynne Mejeris
Obedience Division Winner: Burlynne Mejeris
Rally Division Winner: Burlynne Mejeris

Optimum Club

Qualifier – Showmanship: Bailey Michelle Crader
Qualifier – Showmanship: Samantha Stoeke
Qualifier – Showmanship: Burlynne Majeris

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