HOF Breeder Rules

Current Hall of Fame Breeder rules state: Any USASA member will be entered as a USASA Hall of Fame Breeder who has earned at least 100 points (with at least two titles in conformation; at least two titles in obedience; and at least four in performance [herding, agility, or tracking], two of which must be in herding; with the emainder from any area) on Australian Shepherds for which they are he breeder of record. A person  will be considered a breeder of record on all dogs for which they are listed on the registration papers as breeder or co-breeder. Please see the HOF Breeder rules for the complete point schedule.

For more information, please see (below) the HOF Breeder Rules (which include the point schedule) and the HOF Breeder Application.

United States Australian Shepherd Association