HOFX Breeder Rules

In addition to the Hall of Fame Breeder Award, USASA offers the Hall of Fame Excellent Award to extend special recognition to those breeders who have not only bred titled dogs in all areas of competition, but who have also reached higher level of achievement. Breeders must earn at least 250 points with the following requirements:

  • 20 Conformation Champion Titles
  • 10 Obedience/Rally Titles (A dog can count CD or CDX and RE but not CD and CDX, AND at least three (3) of the obedience titles must be CDX or higher)
  • 10 Agility Titles (A dog can count NA or NAJ but only one agility title per dog AND at least three (3) of the agility titles must be OA/OAJ or higher)
  • 4 Herding titles (A dog can obtain started titles but each dog can only count one title)
  • 5 Performance Champion Titles from the following options:
    1. Master Agility Champion (MACH) or Preferred Agility Champion (PACH) or
    2. Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) or
    3. Herding Champion (HC)
    4. Rally Champion (RACH)

Refer (below) to the Hall of Fame Excellent Breeder Program Rules and Application Form for more details (including the point schedule).

United States Australian Shepherd Association